Virgin Islands Lifeline Information

Lifeline Phone Service Quick Start Guide

#1 Do you want a cell phone or landline?

Search for providers that offer the type of service you want by filtering by that service type or by looking at the "services available" for a provider. The available services are wireless (cell phone), landline or both.

#2 Select a provider

Browse thru the list of Virgin Islands Lifeline Phone Service Providers and locate ones that offer service in your area. If you are not sure which ones provide services in your area you may want to check your city or county website, visit the providers website or call the provider for more information.

#3 Check eligibility

You can be eligible for Lifeline service by being enrolled in another government program such as SNAP (food stamps), Housing Assistance (section 8) and many others. Check the "Eligibility By Program" list for the provider you have selected, if you are enrolled in any of the programs listed then you are eligible.

You may also be eligible for service based on your income if you are not enrolled in any of the programs listed. This option is not always available, review the "Eligibility by Income" for your selected provider for further details.

#4 Apply

The "How to Apply" section will provide directions on how to apply for service with your selected provider.

Virgin Islands Lifeline Service Providers

Innovative Telephone (VITelCo)

Services Available: Landline
Phone Number: 340-779-9999
Website: Click to visit site

Eligibility by Program

Eligibility by Income

Total household income at or below an amount determined by VI PSC.

How to Apply for Innovative Telephone (VITelCo) Lifeline Service

To apply for Lifeline call Dept of Human Services directly at 340-774-2399 or 340-772-0088. You may find more information about Lifeline and other telephone services available from Innovative Telephone (VITelCo) at . An application can be obtained from Dept of Human Services.
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